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Developers’ workflows change rapidly.
Here are the insights you helped us collect on the state of APIs in 2022.

State of APIs

What kinds of APIs are we using?

Internal APIs were still the most common API type that developers reported working on for their organization. However, compared to our 2021 Developer Surveys, more developers in 2022 reported working on partner-facing or third-party APIs.

The percentage of developers who reported working on partner-facing and third-party APIs was the most noticeable increase across all categories, increasing by almost 5% from 44.2 to 48.9 and 49% to 53.9%, respectively. This change was even more dramatic with partner-facing APIs in industries like Technology, which grew by nearly 10%.

Financial Services
What types of APIs do you work on?
from 2020
Partner Facing
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Thank you to everyone who participated in this year’s Rapid Developer Survey! We hope this report gives you insight into the API landscape and emerging technology trends.

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